Who Is Cherie Garland?

Cherie Garland is an administrator, educator, author and playwright. She has worked in the school industry since 1987, and has garnered experience in helping children learn and grow. Cherie is passionate about engaging the youth, and she used this passion to create the Peak Performance Center for the Arts.

The Peak Performance Center for the Arts is an academy that works with churches and other organizations to promote youth engagement in the arts. They work with all ages, and engage children via presentations, summer camps

While Cherie is out of the office, she is a passionate author, playwright and parental consultant. Cherie has published one book, “Sinking of a Sub,” and she has put on multiple plays such as: “Whose Man” and “The Christmas Present.”


I use my experience as a mother, educator and administrator to create content that is humorous yet contains value. My first book, “Sinking of a Sub,” discusses the challenges a substitute teacher faces in the classroom, while it also discusses the importance of creating a detailed lesson plan.


I have learned many invaluable lessons throughout my years of being a mother, teacher and administrator. My goal is to help others by conveying my knowledge in videos, blog articles and social media posts. I believe that one should never stop learning, and I am sure that you will be able to learn something new from my content.


I create plays that will keep you entertained while also opening your eyes to an important lesson. In the play, “Whose Man,” three women are all after the same man, and in the end they don’t end up getting what they bargained for. Instead of getting the man, the three women went on a journey of self discovery.

Plays & Publications


One Night with the King | Performance Date: 3/24/18

The Christmas Present | Performance Date: TBD

Whose Man | Performance Date: TBD

Sinking of a Sub

Administrators, teachers, substitutes, and anyone who has ever graced the hall of a school building will love this funny and delightful look at the adventures subs face when stepping in for teachers who are absent. You will laugh as you encounter fictitious characters who share truth about their challenging day-to-day experiences.

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Peak Performance Center for the Arts

We work with young individuals of all ages to train them in all facets of performance.

We work with churches and other youth organizations to create holiday themed events, summer camps, presentations and more!

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From one mom to another, parenting can be tough.

Here at the Parenting Chair, we offer parenting clips, snips and tips to help you raise champions in challenging times.

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Eysley Divareau


Eysley is a character given to Cherie Garland, by GOD, developed and designed to promote Eye Browse:

“For YOUR EYES Only!”

She is a designer’s original with a story to tell. Follow her as she takes you on a journey… “Through Eysley’s Eyes.”

Eysley attended George Washington High School and Chic University of Cosmetology.

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